Web Video Production

Web Video Production that Differentiates, Demonstrates & Dramatises

A web video production for your business can be an incredibly powerful vehicle enabling you to communicate your business to your customers and potential customers.

My Web Presenters have produced web videos for over 1000 businesses around the world and have seen some spectacular results:
- One client saw an increase to their bottom line of over £1 million annually through using one web video production.
- Many clients have seen conversion rates of their sites increase by over 30%
- Site bounce rates have been drastically reduced through using our web video productions to better communicate what your business does.

It is critical to remain focused and clear on your business objectives to produce a video which truly reflects your values and your business proposition and that excites and attracts viewers to your business through fulfilling their needs.
-We have highly competitive costing on our web video production services - please just fill out your details on the form to the right and we will be back to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and to give you a quote.

There are unfortunately still a large number of web video productions that follow the traditional format of long monologues and charts on the wall. These videos will not work in this day and age, today creativity is key.

Our Expertise with Web Video Production

Our talented team covers the spectrum of Web Video Production skills from writing scripts to post production to content delivery.
- We pioneered the technology behind video web presenters and continue to lead and innovate in this area.
- All of our video web presenters are highly skilled professional presenters.
- We produce and replicate great looking DVD retail packs for all of our web video productions.
- We offer live streaming around the world and full services for your web video integration on your own website and/or server.<

Web video productions are not nearly as expensive as you may think, and offer very fast returns on investment. My Web Presenters have “out of town” pricing that is affordable by any small business. Many clients see a full return on their investment within just a few months.

Consider using video for recording events/speakers, E-learning programmes, intranet training and Company statements. Web video production can take many forms depending on your unique circumstances. We take the time to get to know you and your business and to understand what is great about it. This approach enables us to make a web video for your business that really connects.

Our Web Video Production Process

When we make a Web Video Production, we work with you to define your communication objectives, your target audience, the results you want and how to monitor and improve those results.
We then use our teams experience and creativity to make your video compelling. Viewers gain an emotional connection that is almost impossible through static pictures and text.
Although we can be incredibly creative and flexible with our Web Video Production, if you feel that you are looking for something a little different then you may want to consider our unique Video Web Presenters to introduce your website. We have experience of working with the largest International corporations such as Virgin, British Gas and American Express as well as many small local businesses.

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