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Why use video for websites?

There is an ever-expanding range of opportunities to grow your business online, just one of which is through using video on your website. So why is this one worth considering for your business?

  • Many of our clients have seen more than a 30% increase in their website conversion rate.
  • Virgin Holidays saw a 30% uplift in sales of Upper Class tickets compared with the same period in the previous year using a My Web Presenters video for their website.
  • One client saw an additional £1 million added to their bottom line over 12 months following a single video for their website by My Web Presenters.
  • Site bounce rates have been more than halved through using our video productions to better communicate what your business does.

Why use My Web Presenters videos for my website?

The above quoted figures are just a handful of our success stories – we have had many more.

We have produced 1000+ videos of all kinds for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have learned a lot in our time and this experience goes into making every one of our website videos something special.

The approach we take to our videos for websites involves getting a very clear understanding of your business and your customers/supporters/viewers. Then using the information we have to create a video that is both compelling and persuasive.

"Adding the MWP video to our site caused an instant jump in our web enquiries – nearly 60% in the first month. I would recommend MWP to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their website."
Source: Nadja Goschalk, Marketing Manager, Rocket Products

We work with you to understand your challenges and your objectives and can advise you on the best types of video for your website and then lead you through a strategy that will exceed your expectations.

Once we have a video ready for your website then we show you how to track and monitor the performance of your video so that you can calculate the benefit received from it. This will help you to understand the direction your video production needs to go in the future and will also help you to know that your money has been well spent.

And what if the results are not good? Then let us know and we will take the time to find out why and help you to correct it.

"We have seen a reduction in bounce rate of 50% and a near doubling of sales leads."
Source: Charles Oskwarek, MD, National IT Learning Centre

What kind of videos can My Web Presenters produce for my website?

We specialise in video production for use on the web but within that broad definition we can create pretty much any kind of video you can imagine.

  • Our main specialism is Web Presenter type video overlays of human presenters on your website.
  • We produce corporate story videos that enable you to tell the true story behind your business (not just a glossy cover story). These improve engagement and trust in your brand.
  • We produce location shot corporate videos that can be as complex as your imagination likes.

And what does a video for my website cost?

That is less than an ad in an industry magazine that will be forgotten on a shelf in a month's time.

You can get a good overview of our website video services on this page but for more bespoke advice then just enter your details into the form on this page and we will get back to you, or alternatively just give us a call on one of the numbers above.

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