Increase sales by over 30%

We have produced 1000+ corporate videos and here are just a few of the many successful results:

  • One client saw an additional £ 1 million added to their bottom line over 12 months following a single corporate video on their website by MWP.
  • National IT Learning Centre saw their bounce rate more than halved through using one of our corporate video productions.
  • Lettingref saw a 10% increase in online sign ups through implementing an online video strategy with us

If you are looking to showcase your company and products, or differentiate your service in a dramatic new way, then we have the right team for you.

Our experienced team of creative producers and editors will work with you to create a video that will transform your online performance.

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How we do it

What we do is quite simple, we make our clients stand out from the crowd.

But it's HOW we do that is the clever bit.

  • We take time to uncover the specific qualities which underpin each client's business
  • Then we use our unique creative process to build a story that will intrigues and fascinate their prospective customers
  • And then we bring the story to life through highly professional video production and post processing.

We believe that it's critical to produce video which truly reflects your values and your business proposition and that at the same time excites and attracts viewers to your business - we do this by directly responding to their needs.

If we were to work together, we would work with you to fully understand

  • your business
  • your customers, and
  • why people buy your products/services

and then we creatively use this information to produce an engaging and compelling video that connects with your audience - and that really works.

Then using our Google Analytics module we work with you to prove and track the benefits, so you can see and measure the value your video delivers.

Who we are

Our talented team covers the spectrum of corporate video production skills - from script writing to studio and on-location filming, post production editing and graphics through to optimisation across multiple video platforms.

And what about the presenters? Well being based at our studios in the BBC White City complex means we have access to some of the best online actors and presenters in the industry. Which means you benefit.

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Corporate video is not nearly as expensive as you may think, and offers amazingly fast returns on investment. MWP have "out of town" pricing that is affordable for any business.

We have been writing articles to share our knowledge, insights and expertise for a number of years, and so built up a huge catalogue of hints, tips and guides. Just take a look at some of the recent articles on our blog to give you a flavour of the free resources we have produced to help you create powerful and effective corporate videos:

  • How to create a budget for your corporate video production
  • How to make engaging corporate videos
  • Increasing your site conversion rate using video

Fill out the form to the right, and we will arrange a time for us to have a confidential chat about how video can help you growing your business. Let's have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if and how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Client quotes
’We have seen a reduction in bounce rate of 50% and a near doubling of sales leads.’ - Charles Oskwarek, MD, National IT Learning Centre

’Adding the MWP video to our site caused an instant jump in our web enquiries - nearly 60% in the first month. I would recommend MWP to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their website.’ -Nadja Goschalk, Marketing Manager, Rocket Products
’The films have had a dramatic effect on my site. I would recommend MWP to anyone wanting to increase response on their website, and work with great people.’ - Owen O’Malley, CEO, TICN
’It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at MWP. Our website is now more informative and user-friendly.’ -Jen Spencer, Managing Director, Fitbug Bupa