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How to seed a viral video – Infographic

Over the past few months we have read a number of studies and books about viral marketing and in particular viral videos. We have learned a great deal from some pioneering marketers and social scientists.

We have covered our findings in a number of blog posts:

However – we thought that it would be useful if we condensed the findings into a quick visual so that you can understand the key points in a matter of a few minutes:
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How TV is jumping on the online video bandwagon

the online video bandwagonI have always loved the concept of a viral video. I associate viral video with the shift in media that has meant that we can all be producers of content that can be seen by a mass audience. What an amazing opportunity. For me, it represents a shift in power and a democratic potential for more people to share their creativity with the world.

As online video has become more established as a main content type on the web, the general public aren’t the only ones realising it’s potential. Online video is being used to serve marketing needs for a lot of businesses – generally the more savvy ones. This makes sense. It is a new way to reach customers and it allows video platform websites to generate revenue.
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