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Creating a Video Production Storyboard

video storyboard examplePretty much every video that we have ever made tells a story.

Stories help viewers to visualize and understand concepts quickly and effectively.

However, if a video is not well planned then the story or message can become unclear.

In this video I am going to show you how to save time and money on your video production through creating a video production storyboard.
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Storyboard for a video production

A storyboard is a blueprint for a film. Making a video production without one would be like throwing your money in the bin. The story board is a way of establishing what the viewer will see in each shot. It is something that everyone involved in your video production should be able to understand and is a great way of communicating your vision.

Storyboards are useful for:

- organising the shooting process so that you know what exactly you need
- pre-visualising your video production
- helping you foresee any potential problems
- experimenting with different story line structures
- allowing a team of people to think and plan together because they have a visual representation to look at as a group
- keeping to your budget or making savings because you know exactly what you need to shoot
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