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First Kiss video increased sales by 13,000% and other stories

First KissThere are some stories about online video that are frankly mind-blowing. A single video can improve the fortunes of a business massively, by simultaneously raising awareness of their existence and creating a particular perception of the business amongst new and existing audiences.

In this article I am going to share three such success stories with you and analyse what it was about these videos that brought such success. Continue reading

Making Your Video Content Work Harder

Making video content work harderMaking a corporate video requires a significant investment of both time and money, so it’s essential to make your video work hard in order to achieve a respectable return on investment.

Many companies post their video onto their website, optimised for SEO in order to grab some passing traffic, and consider it finished.

However, with a certain amount of planning and thought, it’s possible to find multiple ways to make your video work even harder. Continue reading

Most companies are now using video marketing

Video has gone mainstreamIn 2013, REELSEO worked in conjunction with the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media to produce the Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report. The report looks at how businesses are working with video – including the types of videos they are producing, how they are publishing them and how they are distributing them. In this article we are going to share some of the main findings with you.
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How to build an ROI case for video marketing

Building a business case for online videoFrame of reference is important to consider in any discussion or debate. The frame of reference simply means that different people view the same thing in different ways based on their past experiences.

Most marketers will know well the scenario where you research and put together a water-tight business case for your new strategy only for the boss to take the seemingly irrational stance of throwing it out the window.

You go home scratching your head with thoughts that your boss may actually be prematurely suffering from senility and wondering how you could have better explained your plan to someone who is obviously bordering on insanity.
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Breaking Down 9 Wildly Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Key examples of successful video marketingYouTube is not known primarily as a hub of video marketing for businesses; it’s reputation instead consists primarily of generally low quality, homemade videos. You’re more likely to come across a video of a cat than a corporate marketing campaign. YouTube is, for the most part, used in a non-professional way as a medium to share entertaining and informal videos. While several entrepreneurs have been successful in efforts to make money from YouTube, most use it in an exclusively recreational manner.
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Charity video production – The why and how

charity video marketingThe economic downturn has had a particularly significant impact on charities and non-profit organisations. Like any businesses, when budgets are cut, marketing is the first to go – this is particularly true for charities. The irony is that marketing is essential for survival. Charities depend on their messages being heard in order to attract new funding sources, as well as reminding existing donors that they are there and their support is appreciated.

The challenge for charities is therefore about doing more with less. Traditional options might include TV advertising, which is so expensive it simply can’t be justified in times of economic struggle. Direct mail and e-marketing campaigns are more affordable, but less effective as there is no guarantee of them reaching your audience and engaging them effectively. The answer lies in charity video production.
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Using video to crowd fund dreams

using video for crowd fundingThere are limitless applications for video. One use that is seriously catching on is the use of video to drum up support, and ultimately funding, for projects. These videos can be informational, but the really successful ones are emotional and engage audiences on a different level. They give their audiences something back – whether that is simply a feeling of having helped someone out, or something else e.g. being credited by name for your support.
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Using customer personas for relevant web video production

Many marketers make the mistake of trying to cast their nets too wide – they want to reach as many people as possible and to sell as much as possible. The problem with this is that messages become diluted and lack specific and direct appeal.

This short video takes you through the concept of customer personas and how you can use them to target your videos to the right people and get them to take action on your words.

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Using the “Halo Effect” in video marketing

Edward ThorndikeThe halo effect is not a new psychological phenomenon. It was first researched by Edward Thorndike back in 1920 in a paper called “The Constant Error in Psychological Ratings”. He found that once people have a perception of a person and judge them on one specific level that this judgement then rubs off on their perception of the person on many other levels.

This phenomenon has a number of potential applications for video marketing. The video will take you through the phenomenon in more detail and give you 4 clear ways to use the “halo Effect” in video marketing.
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Video SEO – Host or Post videos for links and traffic?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers relates to video SEO:

where should I publish my online videos for best SEO effect? Should I host or post?

By post – they are referring to publishing their web video to YouTube or Vimeo and other free video sharing platforms. And by host they are asking if they should use a bespoke 3rd party hosting platform such as Vzaar or Wistia?

Of course – this depends on your video marketing strategy:

To save you hours of research we have gone and done it for you and distilled the information into a 4 minute video with the core benefits of each option explained:

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