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Video SEO – Host or Post videos for links and traffic?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers relates to video SEO:

where should I publish my online videos for best SEO effect? Should I host or post?

By post – they are referring to publishing their web video to YouTube or Vimeo and other free video sharing platforms. And by host they are asking if they should use a bespoke 3rd party hosting platform such as Vzaar or Wistia?

Of course – this depends on your video marketing strategy:

To save you hours of research we have gone and done it for you and distilled the information into a 4 minute video with the core benefits of each option explained:

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Should you “host” or “post” your video for best results?

Watching video content has surpassed search as the most popular activity online. (Source: comScore)

But just because you create a video doesn’t automatically mean people will find it. So you need to ensure it is optimised. There are two key types of video search engine optimisation (video SEO): Posted Video SEO and Hosted Video SEO.
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