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How to increase audience retention of online video

audience retentionYour video view count is not the only statistic you should be concerned about – it only tells you one thing – how many people have watched your video. By ‘audience retention’ we are talking about the ability to hold the viewers attention to your video from the start to the finish. YouTube Analytics, formerly known as Insight, gives you the ability to measure how well you are performing in this respect.
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3 web video analytics basics

More and more companies and individuals are now producing web video – It is important that performance is tracked and analysed so that improvements can be made with your messaging.

In many ways web video performance is easier to understand using analytics than static web pages – for example if 30% of the viewers stop watching at the 1:35 mark then you simply need to find out what you did in the seconds before than point – what turned the viewers off? This allows you to learn about your audience quickly and deeply.

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