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How to use Facebook and LinkedIn advertising to get your video rolling

Recent developments in the world of social media include the introduction of video as an advertising possibility for paid for ads on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Seen as controversial by some, you can now use Facebook and LinkedIn as a way to introduce new target audiences to your video content. Facebook have been criticised for autoplay possibilities, but in their defence, they point to the fact that the sound isn’t automatic – the user has to click to hear it.

Whatever the arguments surrounding this development, many marketers will be celebrating the new opportunity. It represents a chance for marketers to reach very specific (new) audiences with their content, to spread awareness of their brand and increase sharing and engagement.

In this article, I am going to look specifically at how you can use Facebook and LinkedIn to get your online videos rolling.

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State of US Online video advertising infographic

This infographic was produced by the Videology Group in the US. They put this together to show how different sectors of industry are using online video advertising to promote their businesses, it also shows the length of the videos, the devices used to watch the videos, who the ads are targeting, how they are targeting and finally some performance stats – the stats are an index rather than percentages.
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How to approach video advertising

paid video advertisingOnce you have started making some videos you are proud of, you want to make sure you get your content out to your target audience as proficiently as possible. Apart from ensuring you have made the most of the many free video marketing opportunities out there, it’s worth considering paid video advertising to aid the distribution of your videos.

We find that many clients of ours are now starting to plan the distribution of their videos at the same time they are looking into the video production. This is sensible as if you do not have a plan for who you want to see your video and how you will get it in front of them then what’s the point in making it in the first place…
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Could mobile video advertising help your business?

mobile_video_advertisingUse multiple media platforms. Don’t limit your ad spend to just one platform, look for multiple touches in multiple places, in multiple ways. Then the results will be greater than the sum of the parts. That’s the advice of the advertising gurus.  And video, for many companies, should be one of those ‘parts’.
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