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How to end an online video successfully

How to successfuly end an online video


In a recent post we looked at the importance of hooking your audience in within the first 10 seconds of your video. In this follow up article we are going to look at making the most of the closing seconds.

If a viewer has reached the end of your video, you are doing something right as far as they are concerned. You want to make sure that these very interested parties are not only left with a good impression, but also a call to action. Continue reading

Why online video is the ultimate game-changer

game changerToday, video marketing’s status as the fastest growing online marketing media format is unrivalled. It’s impossible for anyone with an internet connection to avoid video marketing. Friends share links to viral videos via social networking sites. Brands use video to sell their products and services, before producing further how-to videos to help buyers use their purchases. Videos start playing when you visit websites, whether you’ve requested them or not.

Businesses are flocking to video marketing, impressed by its wickedly effective conversion rates and incredible shareability, and video advertising is growing at a phenomenal rate. Yet, it was only April 2005 that YouTube published its first video (and less than a second since it published its last one).

So why is video marketing so effective? And how has it become the ultimate game-changer for online marketing?
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New Google tool – The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

Google recently launched ‘The Customer Journey to Online Purchase’. This is a useful tool that has been built based on data from 36,000 advertisers, across 11 industries from seven different countries. Each of these advertisers has been using Google’s analytics tools Ecommerce and Multi-Channel Funnels. The benchmark data drawn from this activity has enabled Google to illustrate in detail how buyers move towards purchasing decisions and how long it takes them to reach those decisions.

This article is a summary of the main features of the tool with some reflections on its limitations and how it relates to online video.

Google recognise that the customer journey is no longer a simple one. It is complex and before making a purchase decision, a customer may engage with or experience a brand via a number of different media channels over a period of several days, weeks, months or even years. Understanding the customer journey offers brands the opportunity to improve their marketing campaigns.
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State of US Online video advertising infographic

This infographic was produced by the Videology Group in the US. They put this together to show how different sectors of industry are using online video advertising to promote their businesses, it also shows the length of the videos, the devices used to watch the videos, who the ads are targeting, how they are targeting and finally some performance stats – the stats are an index rather than percentages.
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How to get SEO links using video link bait

Using video as effective link baitIn this article we are going to tell you how you can use video content as bait to get SEO links. Firstly; it is worth noting that you should not be creating content with the sole aim of getting links. Corporate video production must be part of a broad content strategy that is designed to support your customers and potential customers needs.

With that in mind we will explain the two main ways that people link to video content, either by linking to the webpage where the video is hosted or by embedding a video in a web page.

We will then go on to offer advice about maximising the use of video to get links; some of these tips will be technical and some will be more creative. We would love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.
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Overcoming Confidence for Video Production Success

Is video too touchy-feely?

Some businesses are hesitant to use video, as it is fairly new as a web communications tool and might feel a bit risky. Perhaps you are worried it might be a bit too “touchy feely” and not quite business like enough for your company? People really are much more likely to watch video than read copy, so assuming you have something worth saying about your business, video is a great way to do it, maybe even moreso if you aren’t in a “touchy-feely new media” kind of industry.

ftse 100 video production
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How TV is jumping on the online video bandwagon

the online video bandwagonI have always loved the concept of a viral video. I associate viral video with the shift in media that has meant that we can all be producers of content that can be seen by a mass audience. What an amazing opportunity. For me, it represents a shift in power and a democratic potential for more people to share their creativity with the world.

As online video has become more established as a main content type on the web, the general public aren’t the only ones realising it’s potential. Online video is being used to serve marketing needs for a lot of businesses – generally the more savvy ones. This makes sense. It is a new way to reach customers and it allows video platform websites to generate revenue.
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The power of online video marketing

We recently attended the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival and were interested to hear the opinions of some senior marketers regarding how their clients were using online video. as well as how and why they were using online video.

We have seen a growth in the adoption of online video but still the use by companies is not in line with the demand and usage of consumers. Those that are doing video are definitely getting great results.

Hear the dialogue here:

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Use online video to be remembered incl funniest video ad of all time

never be forgotten using online videoMemory is fascinating. A good understanding of how memory works can help you plan your online video marketing strategy with one important goal in mind: be remembered.

In the midst of thousands of voices competing for market attention, a marketers main aim should be to stand out in the first instance and be remembered in the second. This is no easy task.

As well as creating ‘memorable’ content, there are ways to engage your viewers with your videos that will activate other learning faculties, which should mean that they are more likely to remember your video.
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