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How an online video production should begin

how to begin an online video productionThere are more choices than ever before in the world of online video production. Combine this with a culture of short attention spans and what do you get? A large proportion of viewers will click away from your video within a measly 10 seconds. The consequence for you? You need to work harder at hooking in your viewers in that short but critical 10-second period.

There is no single formula for starting a video – the answer will always depend on your goals and your audience. However, it can really help to look at marketers who are working with video successfully, to give you a sense of how audiences are responding to what is out there. In this article, I am going to share some videos with you that have first class introductions. I will talk about why I think these introductions are strong – particularly by highlighting what emotional triggers they pull.

No need to watch the whole video on all of them – just watch the first 10 seconds.

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Is Your Business Too Boring for Online Video Production?

only the boring get boredMany businesses opt not to use video in their marketing or advertising, because they feel their products or services aren’t interesting enough to merit it. It can be difficult to imagine how mundane products such as mobile homes, razors, shower gel and blenders could be used to create interesting – entertaining, even – videos. But with a little creativity, any business can utilise video to create something worth watching.

Here are a few methods you can use to create an online video production that people will actually want to watch:

Use Humour in your videos

Humour is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Incorporating humour into your corporate videos is an easy way to get people to like you. Okay, nailing the humour part isn’t easy, but once you’ve managed that part, people will naturally feel attracted to you and your brand. And if people like you, they’re more likely to relate to you and more likely to trust you.
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Overcoming Confidence for Video Production Success

Is video too touchy-feely?

Some businesses are hesitant to use video, as it is fairly new as a web communications tool and might feel a bit risky. Perhaps you are worried it might be a bit too “touchy feely” and not quite business like enough for your company? People really are much more likely to watch video than read copy, so assuming you have something worth saying about your business, video is a great way to do it, maybe even moreso if you aren’t in a “touchy-feely new media” kind of industry.

ftse 100 video production
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Online Video Marketing – How to beat the noise

The internet is now a very crowded place and making your mark is not straight forward. Online video marketing is one way that you can clearly communicate your appealing characteristics. This post outlines a simple way that all businesses can create a series of marketing videos that will:

1) Bring them awareness and new customers
2) Help save them time with customer service
3) help them to gain trust and respect.

Take a look – this should be 3 minutes well invested:
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