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Video Production Strategy Business Case – Infographic

We have many customers who are Marketing Managers or Digital Marketing Managers. We hear from them that one of the difficulties that marketers encounter with using video as a marketing medium is senior management buy-in.

Obviously we can recognise and understand this; we market My Web Presenters so need to always ensure that our investment is bringing us the required results regardless of our emotional attachment to the marketing channel – the fact is that if the videos on our website did not help us get more new customers then we would not use them – we are in the business of business. Of course we do need to practice what we preach and if we created a video that did not improve our website performance (it has happened) then we would learn from it and create another one.

We take the same approach with our customers – we track the performance of our videos on your website and if they do not improve your performance then we fix it – that is our guarantee.
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