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How YouTube have solved the problem of lag on videos

killing lag on YouTube with sliced bread

In an age when people can go to the moon, video call someone on the other side of the planet and make a movie with a mobile phone, how is it possible that lag time still exists with online video? YouTube, believe it or not, are aware that this is a serious problem and that it simply doesn’t make sense.

Behind the scenes, they have been working on reducing the amount of time between clicking play on a video… and when it actually decides to start playing. Similarly, they are hoping to stop that dreaded moment when a video pauses mid-way through to allow the download to catch up with your viewing progress.

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The shared characteristics of the most popular YouTube videos?

genre tables from YouTube researchFollowing on from my recent article about the shared characteristics of the most popular YouTube channels, in this article I am going to talk more specifically about the characteristics of the most popular videos.

The features of videos that I discuss have been drawn from a recent study (Spring 2013) by a group of undergraduate students on the Internet and Mobile Media course at Columbia College, Chicago.
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The shared characteristics of the most popular YouTube channels?

YouTube research Columbia CollegeIn this article, I am going to reveal to you the shared characteristics of the most popular YouTube channels. These characteristics have been drawn from a recent study of YouTube best practice. As the results document is quite extensive, we have pulled the highlights together for you here.

In Spring this year (2013) a study was carried out by a group of undergraduate students on the Internet and Mobile Media course at Columbia College, Chicago. The study explored best practices in usage of YouTube by analyzing the approaches of YouTube’s most successful users. The study defined ‘successful users’ as those channels that “succeeded in growing largest recurring audiences (most subscribed)”. The results from the study have effectively provided aspiring YouTube channels with a guide on how to build a presence on YouTube. All of the data can be accessed on a Google spreadsheet, usefully provided by the researchers.
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YouTube to Introduce Paid Subscriptions

YouTube paid subscriptionsYouTube has undergone several changes lately, and its latest is to launch paid subscriptions this spring. The initial launch phase is being classified as an ‘experiment,’ during which it’s thought the participants will be a hand-selected group of popular channel creators.

YouTube content creators currently earn their keep through advertising (mainly Adsense), sponsorships and merchandise, although many are known to have expressed an interest in paid subscriptions.
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Why 2013 is the right time to invest in your YouTube channel

changes to YouTube in 2013Pre-December 2012, it is fair to say that most people appreciated YouTube as a massive video library. Friends would share things with us, us with them, and when you needed to search for something random, there was no doubt about finding it on YouTube.

Channels aren’t new to YouTube, but the recent changes to YouTube are very much focused on helping video creators build up subscriptions to their channels. Having a subscriber base to a channel is obviously useful to the channel owner, but it is worth remembering how useful the channel model is to end-users. When users sign up to channels, the videos they like (or are likely to like!) are the ones that will be on the surface for them to choose from.
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How to be Successful with YouTube

youtube_logoFor any company wanting to increase their web presence via video marketing then producing high quality video is an absolute must. While producing top quality content is a good start there is more to making your video marketing campaign a success.

YouTube has more than eight hundred million unique users a month, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.  If you are thinking of making the jump and promoting your business on YouTube via a video marketing campaign then follow these top tips for YouTube success.
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YouTube new layout: What is new and how it affects you

new-youtube-layoutYouTube has undergone another transformation, leading to a slicker design and more focus on the social elements – or that was the plan, anyway.

As with all changes, not everyone is happy with the results. Be that as it may, the recent changes to YouTube are here to stay (probably) and so we’ve put together a guide to help you figure out your way around.
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The new YouTube ranking factor to watch

New YouTube ranking factor - time watched popularityThe YouTube machine analyses a range of information about videos in order to rank them. Some of the elements of your video that are assessed for ranking purposes are within the realm of your control. Others aren’t. Recently there has been news of a new YouTube ranking factor. They are now analysing ‘time watched’. This could quite possibly change the (inter!)face of YouTube because you will only return results for quality videos that you might actually be interested in.

‘Traditional’ YouTube ranking factors


Titles are important on two levels. Firstly, your title needs to be powerful enough to attract viewers to actually watch your video. Secondly, your title needs to be appropriate to the content so that when people search for related subject matter, your video will appear in the search results.
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5 ways to get more visitors from your YouTube channel to your website

1) Clickable URL’s in your YouTube Channel and video descriptions

It is important to include clickable links in both your YouTube channel description and also the individual descriptions for each of your videos.

It is easy to create clickable links in your video descriptions and this is one of the best methods of getting traffic from YouTube. Just make sure you put the ‘http://’ at the start of your website URL.
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The basics of video SEO

video SEO optimisationTo achieve success with video marketing takes a lot more than some simple video SEO optimisation; primarily you need to have videos that are interesting and carry value for your viewers. However, we are going to dedicate a bit of time to helping you get the SEO basics right so that you can factor these into your video production process.
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