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Web Presenters – The importance of being genuine

video spokespersonOne of the biggest turn-offs for an audience is when they can sense insincerity in a performance. A web presenter that comes across as fake is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. This is a big hurdle for any director and for any presenter/actor, because being in front of a camera is actually a very unnatural environment to be in.

In this article I am going to discuss some ways that we work to encourage genuine performances from our web presenters.
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How a web presenter increased our client’s conversion rate by 10%

Truman Capote quoteIn this article I am going to tell you how we helped one of our clients, Lettingref, increase their online sign ups by almost 10%.

We were approached by Lettingref who had a goal to increase the conversion rate on their website using video. In this instance a conversion meant an online sign up to their service that resulted in a first purchase.
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How a web presenter increased our conversion rate by 18% overnight

In this article, we are going to demonstrate how a web presenter/ video spokesperson increased our conversion rate by 18% overnight.

Screenshot-old web presenter video

We had been working with a web presenter video on our homepage for some time that involved two web presenters (one male and one female) sharing a script. Both were full body shots and the video lasted 40 seconds. The call to action was delivered after the presenters finished speaking with some graphics.
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Free video for your site – a Christmas gift to all our subscribers

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here at MWP, and so as a thank you to all our blog subscribers we decided to make you a Christmas video that you can use for free on your website.

Our web presenter videos are proven to help improve online engagement and conversions, so now you can see for yourself for free just what a web presenter video can do for your website – give it a go and let us know the results!
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How to choose a web presenter for your website video

choosing_web_presentersChoosing the right web presenter for your online video is just as important as choosing the right words for them to say.

Your presenter should look and sound professional, have a clear delivery and talk directly to your target audience. And it’s the “talking directly to your target audience” that can be the tricky bit.
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