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How Have Vine Videos Fared in Their First Year?

Vine logoA little over a year ago, Twitter launched the short-form video app Vine. Since then this six-second video platform has taken the world by storm, sparking a flurry of imitators and inventing a whole new creative medium.

Vine is unique, and it’s great fun. It encourages its users to be creative within a tight timeframe, and has already demonstrated its worth for a variety of different videos, from hilarious sketches to artistic gems, breaking-news events to promoting brands and products.

In celebration of its anniversary, Vine has put together a selection of some of the most hilarious, innovative and unforgettable Vines produced during its first year, on a new website called A Year on Vine. Continue reading

How to build an ROI case for video marketing

Building a business case for online videoFrame of reference is important to consider in any discussion or debate. The frame of reference simply means that different people view the same thing in different ways based on their past experiences.

Most marketers will know well the scenario where you research and put together a water-tight business case for your new strategy only for the boss to take the seemingly irrational stance of throwing it out the window.

You go home scratching your head with thoughts that your boss may actually be prematurely suffering from senility and wondering how you could have better explained your plan to someone who is obviously bordering on insanity.
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The Viral Video Chart: Inspiring your content!

viral video chart 1We all love it when we stumble across a great new video, but with so much out there, trawling through hundreds of videos on YouTube to find a good one can be annoying.

The Unruly Viral Video Chart  is a great resource to stay up to date with the latest video trends. They rank the best viral videos of the moment, based on in depth sharing statistics.

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Understanding your Audience for Online Video Production

Salesman and an Indian negotiatingIn his new book, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink discusses an interesting experiment. There were three different sample groups placed in a negotiation setting. The first group was asked to think about what the other person they were negotiating with was feeling when negotiating the deal. The second group was asked to think about what the other person was thinking and what their interests were. The third group was just told to get a deal. The result was that the people who were asked to think about the interests and thoughts of the other person were 50% more likely to negotiate a deal that both parties felt happy with.

In terms of video, all too often videos that were originally intended for content marketing end up focusing on the companies themselves, or on the products they’re trying to sell, rather than on the audience and the type of content it enjoys. People first need to connect with you on a personal level, before they can trust to accept your message.

When embarking on an online video production and marketing strategy, the first step is to identify your audience, and then to decide what type of content your audience will find inspiring, informative, or enjoyable. This requires that you probe into what your audience really cares about. What keeps them up at night or inspires them to get out of bed each morning?
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Is Your Business Missing a Video Marketing Strategy?

movie director dogWe were recently chatting with one of our prospects – from an office leasing business – who couldn’t quite figure out what his business was missing. He felt they were doing everything right, but their marketing efforts weren’t bringing in the results he’d hoped for.

They’d set up a a relevant Adwords campaign, optimised their site for SEO, advertised in the local press, utilised all manner of social networks – from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn – but were still coming up short. None of these methods truly conveyed their product experience or their customers’ satisfaction.
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10 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

HuntingSocial media is one of the best tools you can use to market your videos. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest make content very easy to share, and if you’re creating something of value, well – people will share it. But it’s not enough to just create the content, send it out into the universe, and hope somebody picks up on it.

So let’s take a look at some more active methods you can use to boost your video marketing strategy, through understanding your audience and finding out what they want.

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How much should I invest in video marketing – The “on a napkin” business case

video production business caseThis article is intended as practical guidance for businesses weighing up an investment in video marketing. Many businesses still do not invest in video marketing because it is a new arena for them; they are concerned about paying too much and not getting a decent return on their investment. They are also concerned about paying too little and being left with a sub-standard product.

There is no debate around the effectiveness of video marketing. Comscore released a report in 2012, which told us that people are watching an average of 14.8 hours of online video a week. We know that efforts are worth it. But for a newcomer to the world of online video, calculated risks are the only way to go.

Determining what to invest in video is therefore a process deserving of some time and consideration.
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Free Online Video Strategy Webinar: The secret to increasing revenue through online video

We will be running a 30 minute webinar for My Web Presenters customers and friends on Thursday 11th October at 2.30pm GMT.

The webinar will divulge some of the most effective ways that we have learned (through creating well over 1000 online videos) to create sales uplifts and demonstrate how a strong online video strategy can lead to significant ROI.

At MWP we provide an innovative interactive video service that is delivering fantastic online conversion results for corporates and SMEs alike, including businesses such as Virgin Holidays, AMEX and BT.

One client noted a 30% increase in sales while another almost doubled their online sales conversion rate.

What’s more, our recent research has led us to some incredible insights into what works and what does not work when it comes to video on websites.

We are keen to share some of the most significant and easy to action insights with you at this webinar for FREE.

The webinar details are as follows:

What: ‘How to increase sales using online video’
When: Thursday, 11th October. 2.30 – 3.00pm GMT

If you or a colleague would like to attend, just drop me a quick note to reserve your place.

Neil Davidson


We hope you can join us!

Kind Regards,

Neil Davidson, Founder and CEO

Online video marketing strategy – 7 social psychology tips

brain-diagram-section1-400x300The brain is literally the most amazing thing. Two hemispheres, three pounds, wired together uniquely for each individual and extremely complex. So complex that we are still far from a full understanding of it.

We do have some valuable knowledge about the brain. The ‘new brain’, the outside bit, is the most recent part of the brain to evolve; it is the rational, logical processing machine that we are very aware of and use a lot. The ‘mid-brain’ is the part that can be associated with our emotions and emotional impulses. Finally, there is the ‘old brain’. The old brain is the bit that worries about us staying alive. It is ultimately concerned with our survival and we can’t make a decision without the old brain agreeing to it.
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