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The 4 Steps to Video Storytelling

Storytelling has been the buzzword of marketing, on and off, since marketing became a ‘thing’. Now, with an increasing number of companies looking to incorporate video into their content marketing strategy, storytelling is becoming more important than ever.

Savvy companies worldwide are turning to visual storytelling to great effect, connecting with their audiences to convey a message that’s inspiring and engaging. However, many brands and businesses still struggle with this, complicating their story with a message that’s too complex or devoid of emotion.

One company with years of experience in creating great content is Canadian filmmakers, Stillmotion. After many years perfecting their craft, with a few hiccups along the way, the team at Stillmotion has made a series of videos detailing the art of the perfect story.

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The customer is always right, a correction

bad-customer-serviceWho is ‘right’ is not always black and white. And this is certainly true of the video production industry. As a relatively new field, online video production is an area that lacks general knowledge and expertise.

Whilst customer service remains paramount whatever the industry, I am going to argue in this article that ‘the customer is always right’ is a philosophy that needs to be corrected for the purposes of video production.

Ask yourself the following multiple choice question, and answer from the perspective of a client: if you approach a video production company with an idea that you feel strongly about and believe will work, but the video production company can see a number of flaws and other options that will improve the result, what would you want the production company to do? Continue reading

3 eccentric YouTubers who have found their niche

Eccentric YouTubersThe Internet doesn’t discriminate. It is an accurate reflection of the diversity in the real world and as such you can find anything about anything via a search engine. YouTube is one of the best examples of the diversity of content on the Internet. You can find videos about anything from how-to tie a tie all the way to professionally produced movies. The reach of YouTube allows video-makers with very specific interests to find their audience.

In this article I am going to share some examples of eccentric YouTubers who have a niche, or theme, that has enabled them to reach a global audience of like minded people and achieve business success on YouTube. Continue reading

User testing videos improve website performance

Just when you think the Internet has reached it’s peak, you come across this – user testing videos. There is a lot of good practice about when it comes to web design, user interfaces and functionality. However, there is also a lot of bad practice. We take for granted when a website is easy to use, but we really notice when there is an issue – and this is often enough to put us off visiting the same website again.

In this article I am going to introduce you to user testing videos, and specifically to sites like When you understand what they do, you will see how user testing videos can be a real help when wanting to improve website performance.

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Making the video post-production experience easier, when in production

corporate video post-productionVideo production can be an expensive process. For that reason, there is not much room for errors and time wasting. Post-production in particular can become unexpectedly expensive when no thought has been given to the post-production process throughout pre-production and production.

In this article, I offer some handy advice on ways to make video post production easier – by having foresight earlier on – whilst planning and filming your video production. Continue reading

Profile of the Top Vine Video Creators

Twitter’s micro-video app Vine has taken the world by storm since its launch just over a year ago. This unique platform allows users to record a mere six seconds of video that run in an endless loop. Pre-recorded footage is not permitted, and it’s these limitations that encourage its users to think outside of the box to make memorable and often beautiful videos.

Vine video has become an integral part of the video marketing scene for many brands and businesses, who love the challenge of finding new and unique ways of using their six seconds to create an unforgettable video promoting their products or services.

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How to end an online video successfully

How to successfuly end an online video


In a recent post we looked at the importance of hooking your audience in within the first 10 seconds of your video. In this follow up article we are going to look at making the most of the closing seconds.

If a viewer has reached the end of your video, you are doing something right as far as they are concerned. You want to make sure that these very interested parties are not only left with a good impression, but also a call to action. Continue reading

Using social issues in your video production


Brands have a massive opportunity. They have the budgets to reach big audiences and can choose to intertwine messages about social issues into their advertising campaigns – into online video in particular.

Raising awareness of social issues not only benefits the communities of interest; it also has a positive effect on the brand. In the 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact study 83% of respondents (US based) said they would like brands to support social causes. In the same study, 41% of respondents said they have bought a product because it was associated with supporting a particular social cause.

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How an online video production should begin

how to begin an online video productionThere are more choices than ever before in the world of online video production. Combine this with a culture of short attention spans and what do you get? A large proportion of viewers will click away from your video within a measly 10 seconds. The consequence for you? You need to work harder at hooking in your viewers in that short but critical 10-second period.

There is no single formula for starting a video – the answer will always depend on your goals and your audience. However, it can really help to look at marketers who are working with video successfully, to give you a sense of how audiences are responding to what is out there. In this article, I am going to share some videos with you that have first class introductions. I will talk about why I think these introductions are strong – particularly by highlighting what emotional triggers they pull.

No need to watch the whole video on all of them – just watch the first 10 seconds.

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