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The Power of Brand Related Video Online: Social Video Report Analysis

Branded video content uploaded to the internet is a powerful sales and marketing tool, and watching video online is now an incredibly common activity, according to the Social Video Report carried out for Visibility IQ.

The report is an analysis of the way UK web users consume video content, and covers a range of video-related content: product reviews, TV adverts that appear online, and branded entertainment (such as viral videos) designed to build loyalty and recognition.

The results show that 78% of internet users aged between 15-64 watch videos online every week, and that 46% watch brand-related videos each week, with just 10% of users watching video less than once per month.

How Can You Use Online Video to Help Your Business?

online video audience retention
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Video SEO – Host or Post videos for links and traffic?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers relates to video SEO:

where should I publish my online videos for best SEO effect? Should I host or post?

By post – they are referring to publishing their web video to YouTube or Vimeo and other free video sharing platforms. And by host they are asking if they should use a bespoke 3rd party hosting platform such as Vzaar or Wistia?

Of course – this depends on your video marketing strategy:

To save you hours of research we have gone and done it for you and distilled the information into a 4 minute video with the core benefits of each option explained:

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Free video for your site – a Christmas gift to all our subscribers

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here at MWP, and so as a thank you to all our blog subscribers we decided to make you a Christmas video that you can use for free on your website.

Our web presenter videos are proven to help improve online engagement and conversions, so now you can see for yourself for free just what a web presenter video can do for your website – give it a go and let us know the results!
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3 web video analytics basics

More and more companies and individuals are now producing web video – It is important that performance is tracked and analysed so that improvements can be made with your messaging.

In many ways web video performance is easier to understand using analytics than static web pages – for example if 30% of the viewers stop watching at the 1:35 mark then you simply need to find out what you did in the seconds before than point – what turned the viewers off? This allows you to learn about your audience quickly and deeply.

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Creating a Video Production Storyboard

video storyboard examplePretty much every video that we have ever made tells a story.

Stories help viewers to visualize and understand concepts quickly and effectively.

However, if a video is not well planned then the story or message can become unclear.

In this video I am going to show you how to save time and money on your video production through creating a video production storyboard.
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Online Video Production – How to get your script right

Online video production is all about understanding your audience and writing a script that will keep them engaged with your video throughout is key.

People expect to be entertained or kept actively engaged by a video; even more so than with textual content so you must ensure that your video continues to give real value to the viewer – this could be in the form of tips, humour, ideas, advice or knowledge – it depends on what they are looking for.
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Online Video Marketing – How to distribute your videos

online video marketing distributionIn a recent post on online video marketing on this blog we showed you a simple way to create a series of online videos.

What we did not show you at that time was a method for distributing the videos around the web to get them seen.

This video will show you a strategy for getting basic visibility on the online videos you create. If you like what you see then do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel – link at the end of the video.
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Online Video Marketing – How to beat the noise

The internet is now a very crowded place and making your mark is not straight forward. Online video marketing is one way that you can clearly communicate your appealing characteristics. This post outlines a simple way that all businesses can create a series of marketing videos that will:

1) Bring them awareness and new customers
2) Help save them time with customer service
3) help them to gain trust and respect.

Take a look – this should be 3 minutes well invested:
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