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How and Why an Explainer Video Can Get Your Message Across

When Dropbox launched to the public in 2008 most people had little idea of the concept behind cloud storage. Yet Dropbox turned out to be one of the hottest startups in the game. So how did it go from nothing to over one million users within seven months of its launch?

Let’s take nothing away from Dropbox here. There can be little doubt that the success of its product was due to its brilliance. But the massive success it sees now is due in part to the excellent two-minute video the company used to explain its product, and to introduce and teach people how to use it.

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How a web presenter increased our conversion rate by 300%

We recently experimented with two different web presenter videos to see which performed best at encouraging our visitors to complete a call to action.

In this article, I am going to tell you how we increased our conversion rate by nearly 300% through a change in script and a change in presenter. I will talk you through the two different approaches we took, how we monitored and compared their impact and why we think they generated the results they did.

Video 1 – Hugo

The first video was of Hugo, the Managing Director at MWP. We thought it would be interesting to see if an untrained but approachable presenter would have a positive effect on our conversion rate. As our MD, we felt that he would inspire trust in our audience.

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Customer Case Study – From Concept to Animated Video

We have recently been working on more and more projects that stray from our core style of web presenter videos into a range of different corporate videos. This was not a planned change to the business, we were just asked about various projects which sounded like fun and as we have the people with the right skills in house it became a no brainer.

Our lead Creative Director, Alex worked on one of these projects and has kindly described the process that he went through in creating it. Please let him know your thoughts in the comments below:

Over to Alex:

The Video Production Brief

When ESQ Recruiting came to us they were clear that they wanted to have their own space in the online video world, and for that space to be different.
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Free video for your site – a Christmas gift to all our subscribers

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here at MWP, and so as a thank you to all our blog subscribers we decided to make you a Christmas video that you can use for free on your website.

Our web presenter videos are proven to help improve online engagement and conversions, so now you can see for yourself for free just what a web presenter video can do for your website – give it a go and let us know the results!
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How to control how responsive people are towards you

controlling how people respond to youHave you ever heard of the ‘acceptance prophecy’? It is a psychological phenomena which can be explained simply; if you think that someone will like you, you will behave more positively and show them more warmth – this means they will like you more. If you think that someone isn’t going to like you, you will behave more defensively and come across colder – they are therefore less likely to like you. I am sure this is something everyone can associate with on some level.

This isn’t just psychobabble. Controlled experiments have been carried out to prove the point. 12 out of a sample group of 24 men were told that they were going to be meeting a very attractive woman who happened to be very nervous about meeting them. This eased their feelings about the meeting and they therefore behaved warmly and confidently towards the woman they met. The other 12 men were given no information to ease the process for them and they consequently had a bigger fear of rejection. This, quite predictably, caused them to act colder towards the woman.
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Directing a corporate video

Directing a corporate videoWith businesses needing to become more creative with the types of content that they are creating it is becoming ever more important to have a range of skills that can be applied to specific styles of content, or to at least have a basic understanding of them.

The post will take you through the basics of directing a corporate video so that if your business ends up hiring a production company you will be in a stronger position to understand how the process works and how you may be able to contribute or even take part.
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Video SEO – Host or post your videos?

With video SEO It is often difficult to know how to host videos for best effect. Many people are inclined to feel that YouTube is the best option because of its massive audience base. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. It all depends on the video – its content and purpose. Here we have compiled a list of things to consider when it comes to hosting and/or posting your video content. Both options have merits and your choice should ultimately come down to what will work best for a particular video.

Third party and self-hosting video content

Hosting a video on your own website increases your chances of getting video rich snippets for your own domain in the SERPs. Rich snippets simply refers to search listings with rich media content such as images, videos , maps or reviews. As you can see from this screenshot for this search Youtube was heavily favoured. Although Youtube now do index embedded videos on the domains where they are hosted it still appears that Youtube videos on Youtube are more likely to be shown – perhaps because it is on Youtube that they have the most links, views and shares.
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85.3% of the US Internet users viewed online video in September 2011

Yes, you read the title correctly, and no it is not a typo, these online video statistics are absolutely mind blowing. Comscore have just released this incredible data. They used their Video Metrix analytics tool to measure the proliferation of online video views across the US. They found that 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in September, which has been calculated to be 85% of the US internet using population (by Search Engine Watch), and over the course of the month they watched an average of 19.5 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in 39.8 billion video views.
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