Vine – the video version of a tweet

Vine logoThe way we view and create video is going to change yet again, thanks to new video-tweeting app Vine.

Vine is officially my new favourite toy. There is something liberating about having a tiny time limit when creating video. In the same way that 140 character tweets are addictive. The time limit on Vine is six seconds – because that is the time it takes to read an average tweet.
Vine is very new and it is far from perfect. However, it is a great start and a step in an interesting direction.

Here are a couple of short videos created using Vine:

A foody one from Francy

And one from Kasey Keys

How Vine video works

how to create Vine videos

Vine is a mobile app and currently only works on iOS.

To record, you point your phone at what you want to shoot, and then you touch the screen for as long as you want to capture the scene you are pointing at.

The blue progress bar at the top of the screen shows you how much you have recorded and how much time you have left to shoot.

Take your finger off to stop shooting.

Then take your camera to your next scene of interest and follow the same process.






how to create a video video image 2

When you have finished recording your video, you choose where you want to share it – the options are Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

You can use the hash tag function in the description of your Vine video. You can also follower other Vine users and be followed.

All of the little videos that you make using Vine, but choose not to publish, will be automatically saved to your phone.








Current issues with Vine

  1. You can’t use video you have already recorded. You need to start from scratch which is obviously very limiting e.g. it would be impossible to bring footage from a few events together unless you attended each event in the order you wanted them in your video (and you wouldn’t be able to use your Vine app for anything else in the meantime!).
  2. There are currently no privacy settings. None.
  3. There is no moderation. The age restriction advice warns of “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity” amongst other things. When Vine launched it was bombarded with pornographic content.
  4. The only sound you can use is that which is captured with each clip. The sound is as good as your phone – generally fuzzy, poor background noise. It would be an improvement if you could opt out of having sound at all on the video, or be able to record sound separately afterwards.
  5. You can’t delete/go back. If you record something you don’t want/like in the middle of your Vine video, you can’t delete it. You have to keep it or start all over again.

As a video creator it is easy to imagine numerous ways that Vine could be developed (e.g. more control over editing including filter effects, sound options). However, there is no doubt that the brains behind Vine considered the possibilities and opted for simplicity for a reason. There really is a beauty in the basic functions currently offered.

Having such a simple format also levels the playing field between expert creators and the average person. It means that video creators for brands and businesses are really going to be tested in producing videos that are short but still effective at engaging audiences. They are also a great opportunity to lead audiences to more traditional video content.

You can download Vine from the iphone App Store.

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