Video SEO – Host or Post videos for links and traffic?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers relates to video SEO:

where should I publish my online videos for best SEO effect? Should I host or post?

By post – they are referring to publishing their web video to YouTube or Vimeo and other free video sharing platforms. And by host they are asking if they should use a bespoke 3rd party hosting platform such as Vzaar or Wistia?

Of course – this depends on your video marketing strategy:

To save you hours of research we have gone and done it for you and distilled the information into a 4 minute video with the core benefits of each option explained:

If you had any issues watching that then here is the script:

When businesses are contemplating their video production and marketing, SEO always comes up as a consideration.

One of the main queries that we hear from customers regarding video SEO is whether they should post videos on video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo or should they self host or use a third party provider to help them host on their own domain.

In this video I am going to take you through the considerations so that you can determine the best way forward for YOU.

Firstly, what are the main differences between self hosting and posting?

1) If you post a video to Youtube, Vimeo or any other video hosting platform then all of the embeds, shares and many of the links point back to that platform and not to your website.

The video can also be picked up and embedded on other sites that may take links from the content. Content curation is a well used SEO tactic.

2) For a video to appear in the search results with a rich snippet — this is when you sometimes see a video mixed in with the textual search results, there are a few steps that Google go through:
➢ Google will firstly identify if video content is suitable at all to that search term and then if so they will check the domains that have relevant video content for the searched keyword and rank them by relevance determined by their algorithm.
➢ If your video is the most relevant video for the searched term then they will show it.
➢ Now, if the video is hosted on your domain then the link shown will be to your website. However, if the video was originally posted to Youtube and then embedded on your domain Google will have to choose one of the two — Guess which one they tend to favour?
3) Posting to YouTube will guarantee that Google indexes your videos quickly.
4) On YouTube and Vimeo etc there is a lot of traffic potential meaning that large numbers of people could find your video through YouTube search and YouTubes social functions.

Now, depending on what your aim is for your video you need to make a decision on which method to choose.

Firstly, if your aim is better search engine rankings and sales then hosting the video yourself or using a 3rd party provider to host on your website for you is the best solution.

This is because all of the links, embeds and shares will point back to your domain.

If your aim is to use the video as linkbait in order to attract links then again, you are better off hosting the video on your own site or using a 3rd party provider.

Finally, if your aim with video marketing is to raise general awareness of your business through creating a video that you hope will be shared virally then a site like YouTube or Vimeo is probably best. This is because if your video popularity rises quickly then it will be picked up by YouTube and put on their high traffic pages and also influential YouTube users will be able to help power the sharing of your video.

For most businesses the answer may well be to use YouTube as well as a 3rd party platform and determine strategy depending on the aims of each video.

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