The power of online video marketing

We recently attended the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival and were interested to hear the opinions of some senior marketers regarding how their clients were using online video. as well as how and why they were using online video.

We have seen a growth in the adoption of online video but still the use by companies is not in line with the demand and usage of consumers. Those that are doing video are definitely getting great results.

Hear the dialogue here:

Just in case you have video weirdness happening here is a transcript for the video (omitting the interviews as they were not scripted by us)

At MWP, we know the potential of online video.

There are a number of reasons behind the growth of online video, but a primary reason is the fact that it is low cost. More customers are demanding video and businesses have no excuse not to provide it.

However, we would urge you to think strategically about how you use video in your marketing. Getting 10 million views of your video on YouTube sounds wonderful, but it is meaningless if none of those people clicked through to your website and bought your product.
We were recently at the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival. We asked three professional marketers how they are using online video themselves and with their clients.

The general consensus is that it’s a powerful tool, but that not enough businesses are utilising it’s potential.

We also asked what they see for the future of online video.

Online video is becoming less expensive and easier to produce. We have supported hundreds of businesses with online videos that have produced an extremely healthy return on investment. An MWP web presenter created a 40% increase in room upgrades for Hotel Group. The same video technology helped the National IT Learning Centre achieve a 90% increase in online bookings.

More and more of you are realising that online video will benefit your business. However, the power balance has been tipped upside down. You can’t push online video on your audience. Your audience need to search for your videos and like them enough to share with their online social networks.

We know that customers love video – but they only love great video. It is therefore your responsibility to understand your market and create content that they will look for and share.

MWP are a video strategy, production and marketing company with a focus on delivering measurable results.

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