Web Video Production – How to stand out

Many companies are now dabbling in web video production, and many are making a good job of it. However; the majority are still pretty boring unfortunately. This video will give you some ideas on how to do things differently with your online video production.

Just in case you have any problems viewing the video here is the transcript for you:

Web videos are becoming ever more popular – more than 50% of online activity is now watching video content and this is expected to rise to around 90% by 2015.

This has two clear implications for website owners:
1)    You will need video on your website.
2)    Your web video content will have to be special in order to stand out.

So, what are you going to do to ensure that your web video production is not just lost amongst the noise?

In this video we will give you the answer to this question.

1)    Firstly, you need to understand your audience – what issues or problems do they have that you can solve?

Spend some time with your customer services team looking through call logs as well as listening into calls to understand the things that please your customers as well as the things that make them unhappy and that are a barrier for them buying from you.

2)    Understand what makes your business unique and special – just one or two key things.

What compliments do you get from your customers on a regular basis?

3)    Understand the best way to communicate your message –
There are 7 key triggers that can be used to fascinate people – which one of these works for your product or service?

Trust/alarm/mystique/power/rebellion/passion or prestige?

Pause the video and write down the answers to these 3 questions – take your time.

Secondly, what kind of web video production will get you noticed?

So you now know:
1)    What the problem your customers face is.
2)    Why you are the best company to solve this problem for them
3)    How you need to communicate to your customers in order to get them to listen to YOU and take YOUR offer of help.

Now you need to choose the type of web video you need based on your intended goal:

(please make this into a graphic for the video)

You may also be able to come up with a creative idea yourselves that does not fit into this, if so then perfect; this is not meant to be a “Must do” guide but merely some ideas to get you on the right track.

The best way to answer the initial question of:

“How to stand out” has been answered thousands and thousands of times throughout history – and the answer has not changed at all in all this time.

You NEED to be yourself and you NEED to be different from the rest.

Humans are perceptive beings and if they smell BS then your video will not be trusted and it will fail. Do not let fear of risks prevent you from stepping away from the standard norm.

Watch your competitors videos as well as videos that have worked for other businesses, but do not fall into the trap of copying – this may seem like the safe option but it will only serve to protect you from standing out.

You must be yourself!

With information sharing the way it is, businesses are being forced to bare their true colours. so step out proudly and stand up for what you honestly believe, or be lost in the crowd.

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