Online Video Marketing – How to beat the noise

The internet is now a very crowded place and making your mark is not straight forward. Online video marketing is one way that you can clearly communicate your appealing characteristics. This post outlines a simple way that all businesses can create a series of marketing videos that will:

1) Bring them awareness and new customers
2) Help save them time with customer service
3) help them to gain trust and respect.

Take a look – this should be 3 minutes well invested:

Just in case you have any issues viewing the video; here is the transcript:

As any marketer in a competitive field knows; in order to stand out from the crowd you need to do things differently. I covered this in my last video blog in relation to the actual production of your video content.

In this video I am going to discuss a simple techniques to help you gain visibility through online video marketing.

Firstly we will look at using YouTube and your blog to get search engine traffic through video

All major search engines have been incredibly proactive in their efforts to improve the quality of the experience for their users – therefore having good content on your website is of utmost importance.

Having a series of video blogs is one of the easier ways to achieve this. Here is the step by step process:

First; Write down the ten most common problems/concerns/issues that your customers come to you with.

Now, film yourself answering these questions – you just need a camera on a tripod and you against a blank white wall or sheet – you could even use screencast videos of you explaining how to solve a problem visually.

Next, Edit the video into ten separate videos so that you are answering a single question with each video, and ensure that there is a clear call to action at the end of each video.

Then, Put all 10 videos onto your Youtube channel, making sure that you give the videos a clear and descriptive title and that you fill in the description box with a very detailed description of what you cover in the video – this helps your video to get traffic both from within Youtube and from the wider web.

Then add a closed caption subtitle file to the video which also helps it to get found.

Add a link to your website in the first paragraph of the description so that viewers of the video on Youtube can find your website easily.

You are now done on the YouTube set up – now onto your website:

Firstly; Create a blog post for each video and embed the video from Youtube onto your web page.

Then; As search engines need textual content to understand your video you will need to write a textual description around the video on your blog; make sure that it is well written and covers everything that the content of the video covers.

Make sure that you have social sharing buttons on your blog post pages so that visitors can share your content with their social networks.

You now have 10 videos on Youtube and 10 videos on your blog – all capable of pulling in web traffic from search engines. As video content is still nowhere near as prolific on the web as textual content your blogs have a much greater chance of ranking for the search terms relating to your business than competitors plain textual blog posts.

If you have not already seen it then you should take a look at our previous video in this series on how to stand out from the crowd – this is about how to create great quality video productions.

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