How to choose a video production company

choosing a corporate video production companyCorporate video productions can be a relatively large investment from a marketing budget. This video will show you how to choose the right video production company to get your business the results you need. Just having a video is not going to give you any benefit at all; it needs to be a perfect fit for your business.

Just to be clear; this is not a plug for us; it is a guide that tells you what we would do if we were in your position, knowing what we know of the industry.

For anyone that has had issues viewing the video, here is the transcript from the video:

This video will show you how to choose the right video production company to get your business the results you need.
Viewers of video take in far more information about you than from static content so attention to detail is critical as there may be messaging that you did not intend if the video production is not executed tightly.

So, assuming that you now know what you want, how do you go about finding a trustworthy video production company?

Firstly; it’s not that hard – you just need to be resourceful.

Before you jump onto a search engine, tap into your social and business networks. Does anyone in your company know someone? Have any of your friends or acquaintances created high quality video that you rate?

Who are you connected with on Linkedin that is involved in video production? Do any of your Facebook friends have a personal connection to a video production company? Referrals are often very reliable places to start.

Have any of your competitors or sites in related industries created videos that you like that you think would be a suitable style for you? Find out who made them.

Finally, if you have exhausted the above and still come up with nothing then run very specific searches on Google: “high quality video production company” or “web presenter video production” or “animated video production specialist”

If you are not sure what type of video you need then take a look at this video on how to get corporate video production right.

What to look for once you find a potential video production company

You need testimonials, customer case studies – particularly video ones and examples of previous work.
You should also include details on how many projects they have completed to date (although this is a little unfair to the start ups who may be run by very skilled individuals).
Consider their tone of voice and how closely the quality of their work aligns with your aims for the video production.
Finally; Take a look at a minimum of 5 video producers websites.

Get on the phone

Take time to speak to at least 3 video production companies on the phone.

The aim of the calls is to see who you like from the conversation, tell them what you want and see what ideas they come up with.

Understand who do you feel is genuinely interested in your project and will do a good job for you?

Find out how is their team structured? Ensure that you can meet the main Director on the production so that you know that they will follow though from your concept to the finished product and not just pass it over with a brief to someone else.

Check which company can accurately explain back to you the concept that you are envisioning. Or if you want the production company to create a concept then do they at least understand your specific business goals?

You should leave price until last, first understand what you need and want as well as who can meet these needs for you the most effectively.

Get actively involved in the video production process

This final point depends on the type of production that you are working on and will not be relevant for all.
Stay involved in the project.

Don’t just leave it to the experts; nobody knows your business like you do so motivate the production company to be passionate about your business so that they go the extra mile for you, and if something doesn’t feel right then say so and be as descriptive as possible in explaining why.

Of course, you do not want to get in the way and hinder the project but you do need to make your ideas very clear.

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