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Social media use and information sharing especially are at all time highs and are expected to rise over the next few years. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Video viewing accounts for just over half of all internet use, and David Hsieh of Cisco has predicted that this figure will be reaching 90% of internet use over the next few years. He is also not alone in this belief.

So, how can you best react to this? Well you have 2 choices really; 1) bury your head in the sand or 2) start to learn video marketing – obviously we are strong proponents of the latter and are keen to help you make a success of your video marketing; whatever form it may take.

Many businesses may feel a touch hesitant to dive in to this very different medium so we thought that it would be helpful to point you in the direction of some good resources on the web which will help you learn more about what video marketing is, ways to implement it and tools to use for your video’s success.

ReelSeo.com is an online training resource for the video industry that will help you to stay updated with the latest video marketing trends and news. They provide advice that you can apply to your video production and video marketing campaigns right away in the form of articles, videos and training material. ReelSeo has strived to become a resource full of experts where individuals can submit information as well as gain knowledge on the most effective video marketing tools and strategies.

Flimp.net is a lead generation network that specializes in video email marketing, video lead generation, mobile video marketing and video search engine optimization. Flimp prides in their one of a kind video analytics which tracks users’ activity based on their email address regardless of whether the video is deployed via email, embedded on a community website, or on a standalone web page.

Wistia.com is an online video hosting resource that also offers some pretty interesting features to enhance your video marketing efforts. They make it simple for you to learn and implement tracking features such as heat mapping, analytics, SEO, and email marketing into your video marketing campaigns. You can get started with Wistia in with 5 simple steps.

AskMrVideoBlog.com is a valuable resource for gaining innovative video marketing tips. This website is operated Perry Lawrence, a professional video blogger whose success has coined him the name, “Mr Video Blog”. You can hone your marketing techniques from the video SEO news or his video marketing tips.

James Wedmore is another innovate video marketer who has developed a video marketing blog to help bring light to some of the most effective ways to make sales and increase exposure using online videos.  JamesWedmore.com is full of information regarding outsourcing your videos, increasing the amount of views your videos get, and various other free information to help your business unleash the power of video marketing.

Gideon Shalwick is a successful video marketer who has helped a number of businesses to develop through using the video medium. He has solid advice and good examples to back up his theories. There are some in-depth interviews on the site that will teach you a lot in a short space of time.

Video University is a site dedicated to educating visitors on the technologies and techniques behind successful video production. This is more technical than the other sites listed above and will give practical theory and advice on the production rather than the marketing side.

Web Video Chefs focus on practical tips for those creating video for the web. The advice ranges from video production to video marketing. The content is not too technical so easy to learn from and to implement into your strategy.

There are a lot of sites that deserve a place on this list but we wanted to keep it quite short so that it is not overwhelming as a starting point. If you have found a site that you think deserves a place on the list then please leave it in the comments with a short explanation of the sites content.


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7 thoughts on “Learn video marketing from the experts

  1. Ezra Fishman

    Thanks for including us (Wistia) on this list. Couldn’t agree more that video is ever increasing in its value to marketers but also that it can be super intimidating to get started. We did a quick webinar a couple weeks ago titled “Intro to Video Marketing” where we tried to cover the basics and suggest some easier ways to get going with web video. It’s up on our blog now (http://wistia.com/blog/wistia-does-it-live-with-our-first-webinar/) if anyone’s interested.

  2. Joel

    Hi Ezra
    Just watching the video now – really enjoying it and glad to see you guys have similar beliefs to us. I like the way you approached how to come up with topics for your videos through looking at your weaknesses both from analytical tools as well as through personal conversations with customers. Hope to see you doing more of these – have subscribed to your RSS!

  3. Joel

    Hi Amani
    You deserve it – just keep creating great content please.
    Is there anyone that you would add to the list that we have missed?

  4. Mobile Video

    The post is quite informative with regard to video marketing as it is the future of marketing. Thwapr is one of the pioneers in the mobile video marketing industry which I found missing in the list.

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