Should you be using video seeding to give your video a viral kick start?

seeding-videosVideo seeding is the practice of giving your online video a head start in the viral race by getting it placed on lots of sites.

Many big brands like Nike, Ford, and Microsoft use video seeding to reach online users with brand videos longer than the usual TV ad.

Seeding has the advantage that online audiences tend to be in environments that are inherently more social (YouTube, Facebook, blogs, mobile) than commercial.

This in turn helps the brand’s video and message get passed along by more users than a traditional display video ad.

So is seeding the right way to go? For example if you have a great hook, a celebrity, or killer creative and you expect people will want to talk about and share your video on YouTube and blogs, then seeding may be the way to go.

User choice and share-ability are the key reasons why both users and advertisers like video seeding. And if your video is more fun than commercial, then the chances are your audience will connect more deeply with it and be willing to share it – by their own volition.

It is user choice and share-ability that really sorts the men from the boys in the world of successful online videos.

So what is the difference between engaging a video seeding company or a video ad network? Both generally charge per view, so the system can look and appear to cost, about the same at first glance.

But there is a difference.

A video ad network will use a proprietary video player and will track your views using their own reporting system. Your video may be auto play, sound or no sound, and it may appear below the fold where a “proper” view is less likely. In addition the same person might view the video multiple times, and every view will count in the stats and charging structure. In addition these videos are not as easy for viewers to share with friends.

A video seeding company will place your video on websites and mobile devices, social networks and in gaming environments. The views are delivered via a YouTube embedded link and are therefore shareable. They are also tracked on YouTube’s reporting system. Videos are not auto play – they must be initiated by the user and verified by YouTube.

So as you can see, although in both options you are paying per view, the audience’s ability to engage and share is quite different.

Before you decide which option is best for you, think about whether you are going for reach or engagement and whether your video is more commercial or social. And then choose accordingly.

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One thought on “Should you be using video seeding to give your video a viral kick start?

  1. Mark Campbell

    With over 8 years of content being uploaded to YouTube everyday video seeding is a must. Last year alone we helped our clients achieve more than 12 million views through seeding.

    My recommendation is to spend at least 20% of your total video budget on seeding. There are a number of different ways to seed including YouTube pre-rolls, embedding videos in blogs/websites and incentive-based views within Facebook apps/games.

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