Android vs Apple in the mobile video arena

Android devices account for 49% of all video viewing minutes on mobile devices – but Apple is not far behind with 48%.

That’s according to a new report from Brightcove and TubeMogul entitled Online Video & The Media Industry

So what about that remaining 3%?

percentage of total views by mobile device

They are iPod users – not Android tablet, Blackberry or Nokia users. These devices make up 0% of the total video views from mobile devices, meaning Android tablet users just aren’t interested in video or perhaps there are just an insignificant number of people using them.

So although it’s not clear why Android tablet users aren’t accessing videos it does give us an indication of where to focus our efforts when it comes to video – at least for the short term.

So, what sort of video are these people watching?

The report shows that newspapers have pushed into the iPad world more than the other verticals. Broadcasters appear to be connecting with Android phone users more regularly than the others.

And what about brand marketing? Actually, that does quite well.

average viewing time by cat on mobile devices

As you can see Brand Marketing videos are viewed longer than videos connected to magazines and about the same as those linked to newspapers.

And the platform breakdown? The Brightcove and TubeMogul report figures show that Android devices account for 43% of the brand marketing video minutes viewed, iPhone 34%, iPad 18% and the iPod 5%.

Overall, it’s clear that mobile video viewing is on the rise, but it’s still in the early stages so the figures above are likely to change quite considerably over the coming months and years.

It’s possible that Apple’s numbers will improve as HTML5 replaces Flash (Apple devices are not very Flash-friendly meaning many Apple owners would have been unable to watch many of the videos that were available).

Whichever way it pans out it’s clear that all video marketers should be paying careful attention to video production for the mobile world. Consumers are relying more and more on mobile devices to do all the tasks, including watching video that they used to do on their PC.

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