Monthly Archives: October 2011

Using video testimonials on your website

video_testimonialsA written testimonial from a customer is a fantastic piece of marketing collateral. Now imagine what a video testimonial could do. No more wondering if the person is real or if the whole testimonial is just made up – with a video you can see them, hear them and get a real sense of how they felt about the product or service. A video testimonial adds credibility by the shovel-full!
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85.3% of the US Internet users viewed online video in September 2011

Yes, you read the title correctly, and no it is not a typo, these online video statistics are absolutely mind blowing. Comscore have just released this incredible data. They used their Video Metrix analytics tool to measure the proliferation of online video views across the US. They found that 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in September, which has been calculated to be 85% of the US internet using population (by Search Engine Watch), and over the course of the month they watched an average of 19.5 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in 39.8 billion video views.
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How to choose a web presenter for your website video

choosing_web_presentersChoosing the right web presenter for your online video is just as important as choosing the right words for them to say.

Your presenter should look and sound professional, have a clear delivery and talk directly to your target audience. And it’s the “talking directly to your target audience” that can be the tricky bit.
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How to convert your viewers into customers

convert video viewers into customers“48 hours of video are uploaded every minute” claims YouTube.

That’s great for YouTube, and consumers of video. But for the business owner or marketer it begs the question – “how do I make my video stand out?” And perhaps more importantly, “how do I get people to take action?”
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