Youtube Playbook now released

youtube logoYoutube have kindly released a 70 page guide that tells you everything that you could possibly want to know about how to optimise your video for the channel.

The guide is split into 3 parts:

1) Programming & Publishing

2) Publishing & optimisation

3) Community & Social Media



Programming & Publishing Youtube Videos

  • The first 15 seconds
  • Calls to action
  • Regular schedule & frequency
  • Tent pole programming
  • Cross promotion & collaboration
  • Investigate Peaks & Valleys
  • Producing Checklist

Publishing & Optimisation of Youtube Videos

  • Metadata
  • Thumbnails
  • Annotations
  • Playlists & Video Responses
  • Channel Page Optimisation
  • Publishing Checklist

Community & Social Media

  • Involve your Audience
  • Blog Outreach
  • Other Social Media
  • Community Checklist

All in all it is a good and sufficient practical guide to Youtube basics. This gets you to the point of passing your driving test. You have done the practical assessment and now is the time to get out there and learn in the real world.

Download it here

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2 thoughts on “Youtube Playbook now released

  1. Nathan Hammond

    You wouldn’t happen to know where to find the original version, would you? Version two is much more vague on actual algorithm weights and I want to compare the two. If you know where to find it, holler at me. I’ll give you some link-love in the post. You should have my email.


  2. Joel

    To be honest I did not know that there was an earlier version of the playbook. This is the first one that i have seen. Sorry….

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