How to make a recruitment video for your company

Using video for recruitmentFinding talented new employees for your company is critical to its growth, regardless of the size or type of organisation that you run. However the traditional recruitment process is often inefficient, with large amounts of time and money used on tracking down the right candidates.

Over the last few years, there has been a major shift in recruitment towards something that’s more of a fusion between recruitment and marketing, with an increasing number of companies turning to video in a bid to shorten the recruitment process and attract the best candidates possible. Continue reading

First Kiss video increased sales by 13,000% and other stories

First KissThere are some stories about online video that are frankly mind-blowing. A single video can improve the fortunes of a business massively, by simultaneously raising awareness of their existence and creating a particular perception of the business amongst new and existing audiences.

In this article I am going to share three such success stories with you and analyse what it was about these videos that brought such success. Continue reading

The 4 Steps to Video Storytelling

Storytelling has been the buzzword of marketing, on and off, since marketing became a ‘thing’. Now, with an increasing number of companies looking to incorporate video into their content marketing strategy, storytelling is becoming more important than ever.

Savvy companies worldwide are turning to visual storytelling to great effect, connecting with their audiences to convey a message that’s inspiring and engaging. However, many brands and businesses still struggle with this, complicating their story with a message that’s too complex or devoid of emotion.

One company with years of experience in creating great content is Canadian filmmakers, Stillmotion. After many years perfecting their craft, with a few hiccups along the way, the team at Stillmotion has made a series of videos detailing the art of the perfect story.

Continue reading

The customer is always right, a correction

bad-customer-serviceWho is ‘right’ is not always black and white. And this is certainly true of the video production industry. As a relatively new field, online video production is an area that lacks general knowledge and expertise.

Whilst customer service remains paramount whatever the industry, I am going to argue in this article that ‘the customer is always right’ is a philosophy that needs to be corrected for the purposes of video production.

Ask yourself the following multiple choice question, and answer from the perspective of a client: if you approach a video production company with an idea that you feel strongly about and believe will work, but the video production company can see a number of flaws and other options that will improve the result, what would you want the production company to do? Continue reading

Making Your Video Content Work Harder

Making video content work harderMaking a corporate video requires a significant investment of both time and money, so it’s essential to make your video work hard in order to achieve a respectable return on investment.

Many companies post their video onto their website, optimised for SEO in order to grab some passing traffic, and consider it finished.

However, with a certain amount of planning and thought, it’s possible to find multiple ways to make your video work even harder. Continue reading

22 million views and this video is boring me to death

samsung-galaxy-s5Perhaps I just do not “get it” anymore, maybe I have grown so long in the tooth that I cannot figure out what is genuinely good anymore when it comes to online video?!?

When you work in online video marketing, an essential part of the job is to stay on top of what is happening – who is doing well with innovative online video and what the next big thing will be. Recently, I was looking through the Unruly Viral Video Chart and I came across a video that astounded me. It has had over 22 million views and yet it is one of the most boring videos I have had the misfortune to watch in quite some time. Continue reading

Adwords Trueview Video Ads or Facebook Video Ads?

google trueview video ads-vs-facebook video adsIn this article we are going to look at the targeting options available with Google TrueView video ads compared to Facebooks video ads. You will see that there is some crossover – both allow you to target geographically for example, but this post will help you to identify which is best depending on what your goals are.

First we will explain the main features of each, and then we will analyse cases when each might be best utilised. Continue reading

Should I use YouTube or Native Facebook videos on Facebook?

Facebook_logo_(square)The difference between posting YouTube videos onto Facebook or alternatively just uploading a video direct to Facebook as a native video is subtle. However, a recent study has shown that the results from each option can vary in important ways. In this article I will share the pros and cons of each option with you.

Facebook has done lots for video – they clearly understand where it’s at. With an inbuilt feature allowing businesses to upload videos direct to their Page, they are making it easy for users to integrate video into their Facebook sharing activities. However, many businesses still prefer posting links to YouTube videos. In January 2014, Socialbakers reported a sharing of 3,684 YouTube video links and only 458 native Facebook videos, over a five day period. Continue reading

3 eccentric YouTubers who have found their niche

Eccentric YouTubersThe Internet doesn’t discriminate. It is an accurate reflection of the diversity in the real world and as such you can find anything about anything via a search engine. YouTube is one of the best examples of the diversity of content on the Internet. You can find videos about anything from how-to tie a tie all the way to professionally produced movies. The reach of YouTube allows video-makers with very specific interests to find their audience.

In this article I am going to share some examples of eccentric YouTubers who have a niche, or theme, that has enabled them to reach a global audience of like minded people and achieve business success on YouTube. Continue reading